An overview of the Santa Clarita Valley community, industry clusters and business opportunities.

Santa Clarita is one place in the Golden State that is #StillGolden

One of the Best Places to Live in the U.S.

That’s not just our opinion. Look at the accolades Santa Clarita has received:

“Top 100 Best Places to Raise a Family”

– Best Life Magazine 2008

“One of the Top 25 Best Affordable Suburbs in the U.S.”

– BusinessWeek Online 2006

“Top 20 Best Places to Live in the U.S.”

– Money Magazine 2006

“Fourth Safest City in the Nation”

– FBI Statistics, 2005 (with a population over 150,000)

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Our Location

We’re about 40 minutes from Hollywood and an hour to the beaches. In an hour and a half you can be at the ski resorts or Disneyland. And within five hours you’ll arrive at San Francisco, Las Vegas or Yosemite. Check out the links for further details.

Our Climate

You can find the latest weather information at the link above. We don’t really have “weather” here, as in other parts of the country. Our rain usually arrives between November through March; we get about 15-18″. Winters are mild–about 55-65 degrees during the day and dipping down to almost freezing overnight. (If you miss snow, just head to the mountains which are about an hour away.) We get a dry heat here in the summers, usually in the 90’s. Late August and September can exceed 100 degrees; evenings can still drop below 60 degrees. But remember, we don’t have the humidity, so it doesn’t feel as hot as it does in the Midwest or on the east coast.

Oh, and we don’t have many flying insects (mosquitos are rare), so plan on enjoying your patio!

Things to do in Santa Clarita

If you like the outdoors, you’ll want to spend time rollerblading or walking on our paseos (foot paths). There’s the wilderness, within five minutes of the city, and we have plenty of community parks. Of course, there is golfing, Six Flags, and swimming…LOTS of swimming.

Santa Clarita has an aquatics center with three pools, one of which has a zero depth entry for the children. City pools are open all over the valley, and many neighborhoods have their own pools. Additionally, we have a couple of lakes. And the beach, as we’ve said earlier, is only about an hour away.

Santa Clarita is a mecca of shopping and restaurants. We have a beautiful ice skating center, community gymnasiums, bowling, and laser tag. There’s also organized sporting events, community playhouses, and free summer concerts.

You have to work pretty hard to be bored here.